Our Brand Family

Ivana Wedding Collection

Ivana is a passage to enchanting wedding celebrations. Nourishing the wishes and fantasies along with experiencing countless emotions, you deserve to look splendid on your wedding day. Wedding jewellery is the epitome of togetherness and compassion that keeps you connected with your special day every time you wear it. Our detailed collection reflects your inner elegance as you enter a new beginning.

Zoe Diamond Collection

The jewellery you own is a part of who you are. Adorn yourself with jewellery that is dazzling and appreciates every sentiment connected with beautiful moments. Each collection of ours is specially created to meet your desires for diverse phases of life.

Mehak Arabic Collection

Every piece in this collection carries a meaningful statement to the way each culture embodied prestige from each other. The Arab jewel accentuates a  finer and elegant detailing. This collection has been crafted by craftsmen who learnt the art of Arabic jewellery that has been passed down through centuries. A gathering of gems and artistry pays tribute to the luxury and glory of the union of cultures in this collection.

Calista Antique Collection

Our antique jewellery collection radiates an extraordinary royal feeling with fine detailing and remarkable designs. The vintage yet the gorgeous look of the rustic collection is perfect for your jewellery wardrobe. Antique ornament is what you would like to combine with every occasion. The vast variants of antique ornaments are meant for conventional and stylish party wear and wedding attire.

Aira Teenage Collection

Aira is a celebration of your freedom, confidence and experience. We precisely designed this collection for the vigorous and vibrant times of your life. And it is all about those who feel free to enjoy every evolution in their life. The energy in this fun collection lives the enthusiastic times with the much-needed shine and sparkle. Indulge in the mesmerising collections for years to come. 

Livly Kids Collection

We know just how unique a wonderful piece of children’s jewellery can be. If you want to convey your love for your kid in a certain personal way, gifting them a piece of jewellery may be just the thing. Lasting pieces given at a young age can become an exquisite treasure that will be kept eternally. If you are looking for something fun yet emotional, we have a range of jewellery for your kids.